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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cash4Vandi guarantee the best deal for my car?

Cash4Vandi honors the notion of offering the price that truly values your car, credit to our transparent pricing process. We use an AI-enabled pricing engine that considers your car’s current condition, model, year of manufacture, and color. Based on the information, it dynamically analyzes newsworthy market trends to track price volatilities and provides an accurate estimate of your car’s value.

Why should I choose Cash4Vandi to sell my car?

All pre-owned cars are different and equally important. Not everyone knows the amount of paperwork involved in a used car sale. Combine that with the headache and frustration due to visiting numerous dealers, understanding the process, and finally cutting the right deal (hopefully). Cash4Vandi is on the job to simplify India’s unorganized car-selling industry. We squeeze the risk and uncertainty out of selling a second-hand car at your doorstep with zero compromises. So, you get to enjoy peace of mind at every step of the entire procedure, right from inspection through RC transfer.